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I have lived in Nevada for 37 years. I have had multiple dogs in that time. I have never had my dogs tested for heartworm. In January of 2022, I took my dog, Foxy, for a checkup at Aspen Animal Wellness. I don’t know why but I decided to have her tested. We found out right away she was positive. I immediately wanted to start treatment. She is my baby. I took her home on antibiotics, steroids, Heartgard, pain meds, meds to keep her quiet, and a sheet outlining the next 365 days of our life. We returned the next day for Foxy to spend the day at Aspen so they could monitor her as we started treatment. The biggest thing was keeping her quiet, as in crated, drugged, no walks, no jumping, no going outdoors without a leash. I cried many times just seeing her drugged and out of it for so long. It was hard not to have my fur baby jumping up to greet me when I got home. We were in and out of the vet several times a month. She doubled her weight from the inactivity and long-term steroids. There are very exact times for treatment, so on days 60, 90, and 91, she spent the days again at Aspen. She received arsenic to kill the worms. Before day 60, I had her tested again, just to make sure before putting her through something so hard. She was still positive. We continued the treatment. In May, she developed pneumonia which required two rounds of antibiotics and more steroids. In late May, we tested again for heartworm and found NO microfilaria (baby heartworms)!!! She was released on June 15th to slowly resume normal activity. We test again in January for adult worms.

Now I would like to tell you how amazing the Aspen Team was. Foxy and Erica developed quite a relationship. The staff always made sure to make Erica available to Foxy. Foxy is a very social and loving dog. She always wants to be with someone. The whole staff loved her. She would make a fuss if she was created; she demanded attention and got plenty of it. Of course, when she was there, I worried, but they would send me multiple pictures of her, so I knew she was ok. On one particular day, I received a picture of Foxy swaddled to Erica like a baby. It warmed my heart, and I knew right then Foxy was where and with the people she needed to be with. Dr. Hicks would call me to give me updates and tell me how Foxy had spent her day at the “office.” She was very rarely if ever, locked up. It became like a second home/family to her. One day I went in to find a post-it on the door of one of the exam rooms that read “Foxy’s Palace.” The ladies at the front desk were always so friendly and made sure to get me appointments and immediate attention if needed for Foxy. They were always so comforting to me as many times I would cry. I appreciated them so much.

Dr. Hicks is her vet and headed up treatment for Foxy. I can’t say enough about her. She is amazing, compassionate, and informative about the treatment and will complete any other crazy requests you ask of her to make sure you are comfortable with the treatment. I HIGHLY recommend all the vets at Aspen; Jody is our favorite, though.

I want to thank everyone who took part in Foxy’s care. We appreciate you all more than you will ever know. We will see you in January for our final test.

I cannot give better advice than to have your dog TESTED! Heartgard once per month is cheaper than what we went through and sooo much easier. This, for my husband and myself, was one of the hardest things we have ever been through.



Truly the best veterinarian team in town and one of the last non-corporate entities left. Personal and expert attention at every level. I never feel rushed and I know my dog Ali is understood and cared for and about. LOVE it here!
Julie B.

As a ‘new patient’ to Aspen Animal Wellness, I was very pleased and impressed with their promptness in replying to my phone message, their attention to my questions and concerns, and ability to be seen so quickly in their office. Thank you!
Beth R.

You were amazing! Had a sick puppy and when no other vet would see her for 2 weeks you got me in that day! Thank you!
Cathy C.

I am so happy that we found this veterinarian it is so clean the staff is so friendly and we were taken in right away with good knowledgeable care what a great feeling my dogs are in very good hands.
Happy Client

Everyone was friendly and took the time to clearly explain the details of what is going on with Monty and discuss the next steps and plan forward to make him feel better.
Jill H.

Nothing but the best for our pups. Professional, friendly, caring and competent. Thanks!
Christopher O.

The staff was very considerate to the well being of Nala, and making her feel comfortable considering it was only the second time she ever was outside her home. And we thank you all so much for that.

Michelle H.

Compassionate care with my very anxious dog. Friendly and welcoming staff.
Nancy H.

Dr. Phillips is awesome. Always greets our pets and us with a big smile and friendly manner. Her staff are just the same. We’ve been seeing Dr. Phillips for over 10 years. Great place to bring your pets.
Janet S.

My first time in. I was treated very kindly as was my dog. We will be back. Thanks so much. Also appreciated getting an appt. in such a timely manner.
Lucille P.

Everyone was so nice and friendly and knowledgeable!! They made us feel very welcome! The place is very clean and decorated beautifully! Guido and I felt very comfortable. Would highly recommend! ❤
Norine I.

Everybody was wonderful!
Dawn B.

Great environment, friendly, knowledgeable staff and Bear was treated with care and love.
Margo M.

First time customer. Fast scheduling. The vaccine booster appointment was perfect for my adult adopted cat. Received detailed and reasonable estimate for dental treatment. Great communication with all of the staff, including follow-up phone call.
Dean E.

Liked everything about the business.
Marla C.

Everyone was friendly and patient with Rusty who has some anxiety issues. The office was welcoming and Dr. Indart was able to address all my concerns. I am so happy I found Aspen for the care of my fur baby, thank you, everyone, at Aspen.
Dona S.

Dr. Phillips and her staff are the kindest, most caring people you’ll ever meet.
Misty S.

It was a very hard decision to leave my vet of over 20 years however after just two visits I’m so happy I did!! You are all so amazingly sweet, kind and extremely knowledgeable at what you do!
Lisa L.

I found Dr. Betsy Phillip’s when she was at her previous clinic and loved her compassion for her work and my dogs. When I learned that she left and started her own place I could not be happier for her.

Dr. Phillip’s ALWAYS takes her time with her patients and their humans. She is very thorough, kind, and genuinely cares.

We had our first appointment with her at her new location, Aspen, and they did a fantastic job. Lots of room in the waiting area, very clean. The staff was friendly and caring. Plenty of options to social distance or do curbside. Highly recommend Aspen Wellness.

Cameo A.

Staff is very friendly and courteous. Dr. Phillips was very thorough on our first visit. Great follow-up post-visit too.
Mylah K.

Well, it is very clean, everybody is friendly, and they all take care my dog. I don’t think it is to expensive 🤔. And I really I like this place for my dogs 😀🐕🐕
Alma B.

Everyone was very professional and very friendly. Very calm and caring environment. It was as though we had been going there for a long time. I was very pleased. I will definitely tell my friends about Aspen Animal Wellness.
Patricia H.

Thank you for taking care of my Bailey! I deeply appreciate that you have taken the steps to make sure it is a safe environment for all and that I was allowed to come in with my pet to advocate on her behalf.
Kelley M.

Very professional and knowledgeable, caring Doctor and staff
Shirley H.

This was my first visit to Dr. Phillips’ new clinic. I was happy with everything about it, and it was a real homecoming for my sweet dog Alby… They all express their love and concern for my boy!
Caryn S.

Every person we interfaced with at Aspen was kind, professional, and thorough. In particular, we can’t say enough good things about Dr. Indart. She is the most meticulous, patient, and caring Vet we’ve ever known. We are so thankful to have found her.
Maureen J.

I feel they care, I was able to get a next day appointment and fees were reasonable! Will definitely continue to use this vet!
Susan W.

They were so friendly and patient with every person and dog in there. I was so comfortable with my dog being in their care. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
Laird A.

Thank you for accepting Boots (Kitty) as a new patient and seeing her so quickly, as well as helping my daughter with her first vet experience in Reno. You were a big help to me living in CA! Jessica said you guys were all great!
Nancy B. & Jessica H.

Dr. Phillips is the best vet we’ve ever had. She is patient, thorough, and caring and explains everything in a clear and understandable way. She follows up promptly. Aimee was great when I called to make the appt. The whole staff is great!
Candy L.

Dr. Indart was fabulous! She was gentle and kind to us and our fur baby. So happy we chose Aspen animal wellness!
Renee C.

All of the staff is very kind and thoughtful as well as Dr. Phillips explaining everything thoroughly.
Cathie O.

Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, willing to take us in at the last minute as new clients, Daisy and Dexter liked them!
Nancy D.

I have been a client of Dr Phillips for over 5 years. She’s kind and professional. I can always trust that she will take the best care of my pets and be able to figure out what is wrong with them. Always discusses things thoroughly so you understand.
Claudia M.

Great staff. Really like Dr. Phillips. Fully explained the plan of care and follow up. You can tell everyone there really cares about the animals. Highly recommend this practice.
Cheryl F.

I was impressed with the professionalism of the entire office. Thank you for taking such great care of my animals.
Debbie M.

These ladies are fantastic! Got me in the very next morning after I called and they were very sweet with my dogs. They took the time to gain the trust of my more timid dog and they were best friends by the end of our visit! Thank you!
Danielle C.

Great service and customer service.
Heather B.

I am so pleased with the experiences I’ve had with Aspen Animal Wellness. They have gone above and beyond to help treat my cat after getting some upsetting news. Dr. Betsy has been awesome and gone over the top to educate us about what is going on. I’ve been able to reach the office whenever needed and they have followed up to check on her multiple times. All the staff has been very friendly and personable. I also appreciated that they are very upfront with costs.

I am glad I have found a vet I can trust to take my cat and future pets to. Thanks again for taking such great care of Mochi!

Danica S.

Aspen Animal Wellness has very compassionate and caring staff. The doctors take the time to listen to your concerns. Highly recommend Aspen Animal Wellness and will be referring all my pet friends to the practice!
Lisa W.

I am so happy to have heard about Aspen Animal Wellness. I was able to make a same-week appointment for my dog to get updated vaccines and an exam. The facility is very nice and the staff welcoming. I was pleased to be able to attend my dog’s appointment with her. She gets very nervous and I’m sure it helped with my being there. They are very COVID aware, wearing masks and maintaining distance. Dr. Tori was great, explained everything, and made sure I had my questions answered. I would highly recommend checking them out. I was looking for a change of vet, and am comfortable with their care.
Debbie M.

Thank you so much for taking such swift and good care of our senior dog. He hurt himself playing and was in so much pain. Thanks to you he was able to be seen, get x-rays, and start treatment quickly. We all rested better knowing he was ok.
Beverly L.

Everyone was so pleasant! Dr. Phillips answered all my questions and explained different options with me. I learned so much during the visit in regards to my 3 dogs and care at various stages of life. Thank you!
Jenny C.

Love, Love, Love Aspen Animal Wellness and staff. You can feel the love & compassion for animals right when you walk into the office. The staff are always friendly and make by pup feel special. Dr. Betsy is caring and knowledgeable. You never feel rushed when she’s caring for your pup. She takes her time to explain everything and follows up with you the next day to find out how your pup is doing. She always very gentle and loving to my pup when she is examining him. He doesn’t get nervous and is always happy to see her. If you are looking for a great vet practice, Aspen Animal Wellness is it. Don’t look any further!
Tammy F.

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